• W190mm
  • H100mm
  • D20mm


Rockin'Jelly Bean x METAL JACKET® COLLABORATION LEATHER SERIESより希少性の高いクロコダイルを使用したExclusive productが誕生いたしました。
Rockin'Jelly Bean作品"ROLLER GIRL G.T."が落とし込まれたアート作品且つ氏の世界観を堪能できるレザーロングウォレットです。UV硬化型の特殊なインクで革素材に直接インクジェットプリントを施しています。財布を開けると大迫力の額装されたアートをお愉しみいただけます。
その独特な肉感、獣感、質感がRJB ARTとマッチし唯一無二の表情を演出しています。
札室2室、ファスナー式コインポケット一箇所、カード段6段、マルチポケット1箇所となっており、使い勝手も抜群となっております。希少性の高い素材と技術、RJB ARTとの融合を是非お楽しみいただけましたら幸いです。
《Orders will be accepted from 1:00 p.m. on January 21, 2023 (Sat) until 23:59 p.m. on January 31 (Tue), 2023 (Japan Standard Time).》
Rockin'Jelly Bean x METAL JACKET® COLLABORATION LEATHER SERIES has created an exclusive product using rare crocodile.
This is a leather long wallet with Rockin'Jelly Bean's "ROLLER GIRL G.T." artwork and his world view directly ink-jet printed on leather with special UV curable ink. When you open the wallet, you can enjoy the powerful framed artwork.
The exterior is made of Nile crocodile leather, which is mainly found on the African continent. Nile crocodile" is characterized by its beautifully proportioned spots and moderate elasticity, and its horny surface is highly durable and resistant to tearing, even among the many types of crocodile leather. In addition to being light and strong, the more it is used, the more luster it acquires, giving it an even more dignified and powerful appearance. Its unique fleshiness, beastliness, and texture match with "RJB ART" to create a one-of-a-kind look.
Only the most beautiful and strong part of a single alligator is used for the exterior, while the interior is made of high-quality steerhide that has been stamped to add scratch resistance and a black pigmented finish on the floor. The floor is painted with a black pigment finish. This finish aims to create a chic impression, resulting in an elegant and luxurious appearance.
All metal parts (American-born 42TALON for the zipper and YKK Permex® for the snap buttons) are plated with K18 gold, making it a very luxurious and special item with attention to detail.
It has two bill compartments, one zipper coin pocket, six card slots, and one multi-pocket.
We hope you will enjoy the fusion of rare materials and technology with "RJB ART".

  • ご使用のモニターや、環境により実際の色味、質感が異なる場合がございます。また、サイズ表記はあくまで目安となり、素材や縫製等の関係上、多少の誤差が生じる場合がございますので、予め御了承ください。
  • 天然の革を使用している為、革本来の傷、凹凸が付いている場合もござますので、予め御了承ください。